~catch up pictures!

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So, Eve’s Year was supposed to be a blog with new pictures every day….
I can’t believe how much I neglected this idea. I REALLY wanted to do it, but life happened. I have a ton of excuses for you, but won’t bore you with that.
Here are some highlights from the past year! I’ve had so much fun with all pictures, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings

~My beautiful niece was born in February!


~A friend wanted pin up pictures for a calendar for her hubby! So fun
~I can never get enough of baby toes!
~or baby fuzz!


~ There is SO much more I want to share. I think I’ll try this post a day thing out! Maybe at least a post a week!  Thanks for taking a peek

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wow! Life has gotten SO busy! I LOVE this time of year. I love the smell of the air, the back to school preperation (even for homeschooling) and getting back into the swing of everyday life. Everyone is already starting to think of Christmas cards and with that….PICTURES! I am having so much fun with family photos! I love being let in for precious moments in everyones lives and getting to know everyones personalities! Did I mention I LOVE my job…?

Summer Storms

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I LOVE summer storms! Especially the really great lightning storms. My nephew is visiting from a state that does not get the kind of storms Nebraska gets. It was so much fun watching it unleash last night with him there. It makes me feel 10 again, experiencing God’s awesome power in the form of great thunder clashes and amazing lightning bolts that just take up the whole sky!

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Here she is again, and 6 months old! This is just a sneakpeak of what I’ve been working on today! She cracks me up! I love seeing her little personality blossom!

Sweet Little Girl

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This sweet Little girl made me think of this song…. It just fits. She was so lovely and perfect… I know, I know, I say that about all the babies, but it’s TRUE! This is a dangerous business… I’m starting to get major baby fever….

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These Maternity pictures were SO much fun! I want to post all them, but have to stop myself…. What a great subject! I can’t wait to see little Abagail when she arrives!

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What a perfect day! As evening was setting in, it was still hot enough for the kids to play in the sprinklers, we watched and enjoyed our cool drinks on the patio with my new patio table and chairs. Kael took a drink to cool off, I told him I remember how much I used to love to drink out of the hose when I was a kid. He sat there and thought about that for a minute… and then said “Mom, is that because way back then they didn’t have cups?”….. I said “Yes Kael, WAY back when I was a kid, we didn’t have cups yet… the cup is actually a fairly new invention along with the wheel and fire….”

summer days

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Slip n sliding with Aunt Rachel. We’ve been having a blast this summer… at the lake, in the back yard, just having a great time enjoying the hot weather and trying to cool down….

There are such beautiful sunsets and rainbows here! I just love the weather…